You Might Be Surprised by the Results

Problems Solved

Finally solve that seemingly unsolvable problem. End the mind-numbing frustration and get back to what matters most by connecting the dots in a different way.

Better Decisions

Make quicker, better, easier decisions by putting a bit of science into the mix. There is real science behind making good decisions.

Increased Profit

See your monthly revenue grow by 2, 3, or even 4 times by identifying the keys to your organization’s success and getting everything else in its place.

Better Teams

Work with that team you always dreamed of using the Dream Team Model. Be part of a productive and meaningful Level 7 team.

New Ideas

Get some fresh, outside feedback or share your concerns about that new idea. Start a fire, inspire, and join your team in looking at new ideas and methods.

Stronger Culture

Find ways to fix or improve the culture of your department or organization using the Six Step Strategy to a Stronger Culture.

See things differently – succeed where others fail

Disaster to Success

Disasters and unsolvable problems can become catalysts for change and success. Don’t let disaster be your master.

Get Started

Transition and Revival

Facing a leadership change? Is it time for a change? Guard the good, identify change, and move forward with a Well Planned Transition.

Get Started

Starting Well - Good to Great

A solid foundation is the best recipe for thriving. Launch your next idea well with a Decision Science whiteboard session.

Get Started works for corporations, leaders, and non-profits.
Problems Solved

What our Clients & Partners Say

There would be no KRC Power Steering had Doug not showed up to help us see what was going on and push through a powerful transition. We experienced a 400% growth in revenue after 90 days of in-house work.- Ken Roper, KRC Power Steering is the thing you were looking for that you didn't know you needed. Are you looking to move to the next best place? Doug uses his unique skills to trace back to the roots of problems and inefficiencies; then, he helps find different ways to reconnect the pieces.- Tim Ryan, Ryan Family Chiropractic
Doug’s educational expertise in decision sciences and leadership allows him to resolve complex challenges and help others determine the necessary steps from problem to solution. He provides sound leadership for corporations, leaders and non-profits. - Keisha L. Hoerrner, Ph.D. Associate Dean & Professor, University of Central Florida

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Let us start a fire, inspire, build morale, or focus. We love speaking and customize differently to fit your corporate mission or conference needs.

People Crafting

We love helping people be greater. We are honoring, loyal, honest and pretty darn good at this. We are known for the success of our very different approach to  leadership and personal development.

Behind the Scenes

We are entirely comfortable working behind the scenes to help your people look like rocket scientists. Let us add perspectives that they own and leverage for their people.

Team Crafting

Let us help fix, accelerate, change or even build a team for you. We are known around the world for the teams we craft and release to achieve amazing Level 7 results.

Problem Solving

We are expert problem solvers. That is what we do for various cultures, industries, ministries, and people. Check our reviews – we excel even when what you do is new to us. Problems are, by definition, unexpected.

Take the Keys

We love what we do but we are not consultants that keep our secrets and keep you coming back. Let us teach our approach to team crafting, decision making, problem solving – all of it!

Culture Crafting

We love helping others build strong, defensible, winning cultures and plans. Join the hundreds who have looked at culture differently and achieved great success – easily.

Xtreme Corporate Teambuilding

Take your team with us on a domestic or global adventure that will push them, teach what you want, reinforce your mission and leverage our different, world renowned team crafting approach.

Our Toolbox

Part of our secret sauce is the tools that we have. We code in 5 languages, have doctorates, have led, and are successful. We are logistical gurus, accountants, authors, and so much more. is for corporations, churches, non-profits, leaders and individuals with all kinds of challenges and opportunities. It works everywhere. We guarantee it!

We have pretty great success rates but when it comes to the people part of our craft, it’s really up to you. Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Einstein also wrote, “No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.” The process of becoming a bit more self-aware and setting aside what we know or have done to look at things differently can be difficult – but, it works.

All of us can do better, be greater. If that’s what you want and you’re willing to be challenged with a different process and perspective, we will guarantee our results. What we do works!

Problems Solved98%
Corporate and Non-Profit Turnarounds90%
Leadership and Culture Transitions85%
Incredible Teams with Remarkable Success95%
Personal Life Crafting80%
Strong, Fun, Easy Church Cultures90%